Kenneth F. Lewis, Attorney

Fully litigated divorce cases​ are time-consuming and very expensive.

My philosophy is simple: obtain for my clients all they could receive by going through the Court process without having to actully fully litigate the case.

It is the rare divorce case that actually must go through the entire Court process (and usually this is due to a very high level of animosity between the parties). My primary job is to obtain a good resolution for my clients, without incurring the expense, time, and additional emotional stress of court proceedings.

If a beneficial settlement cannot be reached without a full-blown trial; however,I have more than twenty years of experience successfully representing clients through the litigation process.

Unlike divorce, many more custody cases must actually go through the Court process.  There are often legitimate reasons for this, particularly where parents do not reside in the same school district (or perhaps even the same state).  My philosophy is the same as in divorce cases.  The key for any attorney is being able to determine how a Court will rule given the facts of a case and to try to obtain a beneficial Custody Order without having a “full-blown” custody battle. 

I am absolutely adamant that children be protected through the process. They must be kept out of the proverbial middle – they don’t need the obvious harm that comes from being pulled in opposite directions by their parents. Children are not weapons or pawns. I will not represent clients who do not adhere to this philosophy.